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Commercial Food photography business, an insider look. Interview with Rob Andrew

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Below are questions for Rob Andrew:
How you did to get your first clients?
What is your entrance level in $ when you start talking to clients?
How was your way to a commercial photography business - tough, easy or..?
What is your marketing strategy?
Do you pay for Ads?
How much?
What is the best platform to advertise your business, based on your experience?
What is the most enjoyable commercial work for you as of now?
What is the most hated/boring commercial work for you as of now?
How did you get your studio?
Cost, issues/things went the way you did not expect, and what did you learn?
If you have only 1 light, how would you light the food?
It is better to use natural light or studio lights?
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned on your failures?
Clients require images for social media use, so no food stylist is used in this case, will you shoot any differently?
Has the popularity of social media affected food photography business, in good or bad way?
How and where do you find the clients that have a reasonable budget for your services?
Do you feel that there are more of these clients available or is the industry saturated with more photographers than clients?
What role does a food stylist play in your food photography?
How can you factor in a food stylist into the clients budget? I think many clients will assume that those skills are a pre requisite of the photographer
What would be your suggestions for beginners – what mistakes to avoid, what lessons to be learned?

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