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Shooting Active Sports Photography in the Studio with Joel Grimes
103 Views · 4 years ago

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Joel Grimes works through the process of capturing the perfect action shot in this clip his creativeLIVE course, Concept-Driven Commercial Photography.

He makes multiple attempts until he finally captures the perfect mid-air basketball shot he was aiming for.

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Product Photography: Commercial Jewellery Photography
104 Views · 4 years ago

Jewellery photography can seem daunting — the products are generally small and reflections can make it very difficult to get a good shot — but by remembering the techniques covered here, you should be able to get some great results.

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1. Think about your background and props
2. Clean your jewellery before shooting
3. Use a tripod
4. Experiment with lighting
5. Minimise reflections

Remember, you don’t need endless lights or expensive modifiers, both jewellery shots could easily have been achieved with a single point light source. It’s an understanding of lighting and technique that will result in a good shot (along with careful planning and preparation). So next time you’re photographing jewellery, keep these points in mind and you should find the process easier than you thought.

Read the full details here:


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Getting Started in Commercial Photography: What Is Commercial Photography?
76 Views · 4 years ago

Lesson 2 of 13, a Tuts+ course on Getting Started in Commercial Photography taught by Ben Lucas. The full course is available at: Become a Tuts+ member to get access to hundreds of new courses and eBooks!

Commercial Photographer Rob Grimm: How to Shoot Beer Advertising Campaigns
132 Views · 4 years ago

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In this clip from his creativeLIVE workshop How to Be a Commercial Photographer, seasoned pro Rob Grimm shows how he shoots a beer bottle (in this instance, a Bud Light bottle) for an advertising campaign.

Check out the rest of his class, taught with his studio manager Gary Martin, here:

5 creative photography ideas for commercial ads | product shoot tips and tricks
113 Views · 4 years ago

In this beginners photoshoot tips and tricks Hindi tutorial i have explained 5 creative product photo shoot ideas in simple steps and easy setup.useful behind the scenes photography for awesome ad campaigns.

#CreativePhotographyIdeas #ProductPhotographySetup #PhotographyTipsAndTricks


Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro lens

This is the gear used for creating this video!



Macbook Pro

Nikon D7200

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G Prime Lens

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

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Production facilities for catalog,Model Portfolios,Jewellery,Beauty and hair,Portrait Photography etc

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How to Make Money in Commercial Photography
112 Views · 4 years ago
How to Make Money in Commercial Photography
This is a video on strategies and tactics to make money as a commercial photographer. Here we discuss the notion of creating a model for your business. Specifically, modeling includes determining what area of commercial photography you specialize in, how you will find your customers and deliver value.
In this video, I stress to not invent new ideas; instead steal great concepts that work! I also discuss the customer experience, credibility and delivering great value to your customers. As a commercial photographer, think about how the Client will perceive you. Get insurance, write clear quotes, establish a well-positioned niche, get a studio (don’t work in your basement or garage) and cold call!!!
Aw yes, cold call. Cold calling is one of the best ways you can grow your commercial photography business. Seek businesses that require the services you are most apt at delivering, find your contacts via LinkedIn, and call them directly. The best customers I have are those I found through calling!

Building a commercial photography career w/ Rocket Weijers - 529 Podcast 014
63 Views · 4 years ago

This week we chat with Rocket Weijers (@rocket_k). Rocket is a commercial photographer and all rounder with a versatile style that covers portraitrature, concerts, travel, landscapes - you name it!

Hosted by @demas & @itchban

Listen to the podcast:
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Guest: Rocket Weijers

Connect with us:

Demas Rusli (@demas)

Benjamin Lee (@itchban)

Behind The Scenes on a Commercial Drink Photography Photoshoot
64 Views · 4 years ago

Instead of going behind the scenes on a food photography set, this week we are looking at drink photography.

In this video I am working with as a drink stylist as well as for her concept creation.

Those wooden boxes

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In my bag I have;

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Canon 45mm TS-E Lens

Carl Zeiss 100mm Makro Plannar Milvus f/2

Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4

Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4

Commercial Photography with Sean Izzard
51 Views · 4 years ago

Watch as Sean Izzard talks about how a photographer can be original in a world of image saturation.

As part of Canon Light Awards LIVE in Sydney, Sean will be presenting the Commercial Photography masterclass on the 5th-6th August.

Register for his workshop here:

Product Photography DIY at home - Commercial Photography Tips
80 Views · 4 years ago

In this video, I will give you some insights into my product photography and some commercial photography tips.
These product photography tips will lead to results like this picture here and you maybe will gain some new product photography ideas from watching.
I will guide you with some product photography tips through this commercial photography shooting. Afterward, I will show you how to compose the final product photography picture with Photoshop. So you can consider this a product photography tutorial for product photography diy at home.
If you liked this product photography tutorial and these commercial photography tips leave a comment and a like. For more product photography tutorials and photography ideas subscribe to my channel.
Special thanks to Pascal Kühnemund for recording the audio of this video. Check out his band’s channel:

Commercial Food photography business, an insider look. Interview with Rob Andrew
7 Views · 4 years ago

Below are questions for Rob Andrew:
How you did to get your first clients?
What is your entrance level in $ when you start talking to clients?
How was your way to a commercial photography business - tough, easy or..?
What is your marketing strategy?
Do you pay for Ads?
How much?
What is the best platform to advertise your business, based on your experience?
What is the most enjoyable commercial work for you as of now?
What is the most hated/boring commercial work for you as of now?
How did you get your studio?
Cost, issues/things went the way you did not expect, and what did you learn?
If you have only 1 light, how would you light the food?
It is better to use natural light or studio lights?
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned on your failures?
Clients require images for social media use, so no food stylist is used in this case, will you shoot any differently?
Has the popularity of social media affected food photography business, in good or bad way?
How and where do you find the clients that have a reasonable budget for your services?
Do you feel that there are more of these clients available or is the industry saturated with more photographers than clients?
What role does a food stylist play in your food photography?
How can you factor in a food stylist into the clients budget? I think many clients will assume that those skills are a pre requisite of the photographer
What would be your suggestions for beginners – what mistakes to avoid, what lessons to be learned?

Creating Soft Light Outdoors for a Commercial Photography Shoot using the Westcott Scrim Jim
15 Views · 4 years ago

Join Jason Lanier for a commercial photography shoot for Mia Bella Couture where he focused on creating soft light outdoors using diffusers, off camera flash, reflectors and more. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!

To read a review on the shoot and see the images captured please visit:

**Links to Gear:

*Sony A7Rii-

*Metabones Mark 4 Adapter-

*Canon 200mm f/2.8 lens-

*Canon 85mm f/1.2-

*Westcott Scrim Jim-

*Westcott Rapid Box XL-

*Flashpoint Xplor 600-

We thank you for watching and invite you to stick around and watch a few more while you're here!


Jason Lanier Photography

A Commercial Photography Assignment in Andorra
8 Views · 4 years ago

On today's photography vlog, I head to Andorra for a commercial photography assignment for an outdoor brand.
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Commercial photography isn't exactly my forte. So, on today's vlog I wanted to walk you through how I go about operating, pricing, and photographing for a client. The client, who I'm not going o name, is an outdoor brand. I'm here in Andorra with the task of making 2 instagram photos, an IGTV video, and some other content.
I hope you enjoy the vlog!


How to shoot professional commercial style product photography on a budget!
24 Views · 4 years ago

In this video I go over my method for compositing an image that can be used for commercial advertising of products. It's not a hard as you might think it is!
The gear I used to capture the final images are linked down below!
If you're wondering I used LUTS to color grade this footage. Use code "calvinaaron" to save 10% on any package! Full disclosure I do receive a commission if you use that discount code but you get some dope LUTS at a discount as well so we both win!

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We Are One by Vexento
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Print Marketing for Commercial Photography: Part 3: Putting it all together
6 Views · 4 years ago

I am often asked, “do you still need a print portfolio if your images are online?” and my answer is a resounding YES!

It doesn't matter if you're not a commercial photographer, for your wedding, portrait, headshot clients etc it creates a whole other experience to have a printed book ready to showcase.

So, let’s talk “the book” aka the physical portfolio. There are dozens of companies out there that sell custom portfolio cases or even allow you to print a bound book as your portfolio. Check out companies like Lost Luggage, Brewer-Cantelmo, Mullenberg, Pina Zangaro, Klo Portfolios, IRIS Portfolios, and others (linked below).

Personally I use a company called House of Portfolios based in NYC. It's amazing just how tailor-made each portfolio is to a photographer’s brand. You can customize everything from size, to cover, to pages, the pockets, you name it!

With my book, I print every single page myself on a Canon Pro 1000 printer to ensure the absolute best representation and quality of my work. When putting together your print portfolio be sure that it has a flow so that the images make sense together.

Here are a few tips for actually printing your book:

✅ Select the right paper: Test out different papers to see whether matte, luster or gloss is best for your work. I personally use Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta because it is a thick paper that is great at showing saturation and detail — perfect for my work.

✅ Remember Screen vs. Print: Prints are going to appear darker than your screen. You almost always need to brighten up the image. I usually turn up brightness in Canon’s Print Studio pro by 5-10.

✅ Manage Your Color: Be sure your monitor is calibrated. I use X-rite products such as the i1Display or the Color Munki.

✅ Use a good monitor with high color fidelity (I use BenQ). Use the color profiles of your paper. Check for out of gamut colors of your images and adjust if necessary.

Lastly, a successful marketing strategy is a combination of print, social, networking, and persistence!

Wish you the best of luck, now let's knock em dead! :D

Companies/products mentioned in this video:
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta Paper:
Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Printer:
Lost Luggage:
IRIS Portfolios:
House of Portfolios:
Klo Portfolios:
Pina Zangaro:
Mullenberg Designs:


Inside Advertising Photography with Wayne Johns
60 Views · 4 years ago

Fashion, Beauty and Advertising photographer Wayne Johns gives a candid and revealing look at the inner workings of the commercial photography industry.


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I used a record number of lights for this commercial photography shoot!
10 Views · 4 years ago

I used a record number of lights for this commercial photography shoot, which I worked on together with Offshore International for MSA Fire Safety Equipment.

I've never used this many lights for one shoot before, but the results were well worth it!

The project included elements of filming and photographing and took a total of three days to complete. Each lighting setup required absolute precision as I had to highlight various different elements on the equipment.

I hope you enjoy!

Commercial Photography
6 Views · 4 years ago

Marissa Mayer recently proclaimed that there is no such thing as a commercial photographer. In this episode we will see that this couln't be further from the truth.

Commercial retouching workflow in Photoshop part 1/3
13 Views · 4 years ago

In this video, you'll get a glimpse of my retouching workflow. Including clean-up and color grading.

11 Views · 4 years ago

Getting commercial quality photos is easier than you think! Check out how Isaac can make professional images with just one light and one lens

Ask us anything in the comments below! We're excited to share our knowledge with you and even more excited to learn from you guys!



What we used:


CANON 100 mm


More kits on our kit page!

Photographing for an Airline Service Company - Commercial Photography - CurtisComeau Photography
7 Views · 4 years ago

On this week's shoot - we're on location at Signature Air. Signature is an Airline service company that provides all the perks and amenities you'd imagine that a private airline can offer to it's clients.

The days shoot was actually a fairly quick one - but also quite challenging, as you may expect with photographing such a large subject; the aircraft itself, both inside and out - as well as capturing strong portraits of pilots and staff.

All in all a great shoot. Thanks for watching!

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61 Views · 4 years ago


Do you usually find fast food photos attractive and want to visit some restaurants to eat a delicious burger from a picture? Today we prepared a new collection of food commercial secrets that will blow your mind! Most people don’t know that it’s highly difficult to make attractive photos of fast food. That’s why marketing specialists have a lot of secrets and use various techniques to make amazing photos. Moreover, food photographers replace some fast food ingredients with shaving foam, glue and hair spray.
You will be surprised but mozzarella sauce is usually replaced with glue as it looks better on photos and it’s easier to work with this material. Moreover, when you see a beautiful photo of cereals with milk, remember that milk is replaced with white glue. The reason is that cereals should remain on the surface while the photos are making. Ice cubes are replaced with plastic ones. Berries are always covered with hair spray as it adds shine to them and they look perfectly fresh. Moreover, photographers usually cover strawberries with red lipstick and look so beautiful and attractive. It’s highly difficult to make a beautiful phono of noodles and usually photographers cover noodles with glucose syrup.
French fries look very disappointing in real life. There is a whole process of how to make French fries look attractive: kitchen sponge and toothpicks are used to secure fries for making a photo.

00:01 Food commercial secrets
00:30 White glue lifehack
03:25 Cover strawberries with lipstick
08:19 How to make a beautiful photo of a burger

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Live Photography with Andrew Scrivani 1/3
6 Views · 4 years ago

Andrew is a commercial photographer and director who has extensive experience in all three arenas of food and lifestyle photography and videography; editorial, publishing and advertising. He is also a internationally recognized workshop instructor and columnist on the subject of food visuals.

Clients include The New York Times, Conde Nast, Meredith Corporation, Hearst Corporation, Disney, Hay House Publishing, Clarkson Potter, Norton and Grey Advertising.


Andrew’s portfolio:
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Sportswear Commercial Project Photoshoot using Broncolor Para 133 Behind the Scenes
11 Views · 4 years ago

(HD) Sportswear Commercial Project Photoshoot using Broncolor Para 133 Behind the Scenes.

In this photoshoot we worked in Calgary with fashion model Geneve Miller.
Geneve at this time was a new model and wanted to expand her portfolio. She is a competitive athlete in figure skating and was a wonderful model to work with.
The beauty, strength, poise and fluidity of her movements made for a really enjoyable shoot.
We wanted to also get some more dynamic shots with movement and used a slightly higher shutter speed to keep the images sharp.

The Nike sportswear we were supplied was monotone and looked great on our model Geneve. The design and cut of the pants and shirt really accentuated our models athletic figure and looked great in the images.

We as the photographer wanted to work on some commercial photography work using Nike sportswear. This is part of a larger project that we are doing and there is still some still product photography to be completed which we will be getting done at a later date.
The images that were captured may also be combined into composites and that is why we wanted to use a nice clean background to make isolating the subject in post much easier.

The main light that we used on this shoot was a the Broncolor Para 133 as it gives a wonderful almost 3d light on the subject. We also added a couple of strip boxes on either side to create some hero lighting. We did also add to and alter the lighting using hard light with a small metal reflector on Broncolor Siros 800's for the subject and background.

Photographer : Katherine Calnan @katherinecalnanphotography

Video and editing: Simon Calnan

Model: Geneve Miller @genevemiller

Wardrobe: Nike

Location: @nvrlnd.yyc

Music: Dj Quads - Dope

Copyright Katherine Calnan Photography 2018

Brooke DiDonato - Fine-Art & Commercial Photographer
76 Views · 4 years ago

Mixing the everyday with a touch of the fantastical, Brooke DiDonato's photographs create surreal moments when people are obscured, subsumed or lost in the environments around them. DiDonato is a positive role model for young women. Her work has been exhibited in New York City, London, Canada and Germany and her clients include Adobe Systems, HUAWEI, Refinery 29, The New Yorker and Penguin Books.

DiDonato's talk is part of the i3: Images, Ideas, Inspiration lecture series, which features presentations by digital photographers, hardware and software developers and industry experts. Presented by the MPS Digital Photography.

Erik Valind, Part 1- How To Succeed In Commercial Photography: The reDefine Show with Tamara Lackey
9 Views · 4 years ago

Erik Valind talks about how his sales training helped him understand the value of persistence in reaching out to potential commercial clients.

More from Tamara Lackey

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Commercial Photo Shoot - Utah Football
5 Views · 4 years ago

Please visit for more work from the Photographer.

This is a behind the scenes look at a commercial photo shoot for the University of Utah Football "Hall of Fame" space. We were commissioned to create a series of iconic images depicting the emotion, action and energy of Utah Football and to symbolize where the program is headed as they enter the PAC12 conference.

Kevin Winzeler worked with art and creative directors from Struck advertising agency to depict the visual style and storyboard for the project as well as the finished imagery.

5 TIPS FOTO IKLAN KOMERSIL bersama Anton Ismael | Commercial Photography
5 Views · 4 years ago

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The Hero Shot - Commercial Product Photography with Brian Rodgers Jr.
12 Views · 4 years ago

Buy the tutorial here:

Fstoppers teamed up with Brian Rodgers Jr. to produce a comprehensive photography tutorial on product photography. Every lesson includes a shooting section from start to finish and a full edit of every image. To learn more, visit

Commercial Photography vs Fine Art Photography
4 Views · 4 years ago

Our Friday Q&A session is going to combine a few questions people had submitted about commercial photography vs fine art photography.

Next week I'm going to talk about stock photography so if you have any questions that you'd like addressed, please leave them in the comments below!

Fly Fishing - Behind the Scenes - Commercial Photo Shoot
9 Views · 4 years ago

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How To Photograph And Composite A Commercial Beverage Image In Photoshop.
4 Views · 4 years ago

Learn even more here:

Fstoppers teams up with Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr. to demonstrate the process of shooting commercial product photography in a studio environment. In this video, Brian demonstrates how to shoot multiple frames of a liqueur bottle then seamlessly blend and composite them together in Photoshop to produce and incredible standalone hero shot for advertising. To learn more about commercial product photography or to subscribe to more tutorials with Brian Rodgers Jr., check out the full post here:

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Day Rates? How Commercial Photographers Charge
82 Views · 4 years ago

In this video, I talk briefly about how commercial photographers come up with rates and estimates.

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How Do Creative Agencies Find and Hire Commercial Photographers for Advertising Campaigns?
6 Views · 4 years ago

Watch more!
In this clip from his creativeLIVE workshop, How to Be a Commercial Photographer, Rob Grimm asks Pat Olds, Creative Director of Fusion Marketing, how he identifies and hires photography talent for advertising campaigns.

Watch more here:

Commercial Photography Rates & Negotiating Strategies | Charge What You're Worth
4 Views · 4 years ago

We teamed up with our friend Jay P. Morgan of the Slanted Lens, to discuss the negotiation strategies needed in order to land a commercial photography deal.

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How to Become a Commercial Photographer
8 Views · 4 years ago

There are lots of photography career paths out there, for me it was always going to be headed toward being a commercial photographer.

Commercial photography is a pretty broad area, but hopefully these photography business tips can help anyone from a landscape photographer selling to brands through to a product photographer.

In my bag I have;

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Canon 45mm TS-E Lens

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Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4

Canon 5DS.

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How to take stunning PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY in camera - No EDITING needed
16 Views · 5 years ago

Watch as Ed Gregory shows you how to shoot commercial Product Photography tutorial correctly while eliminating the need for editing.

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In this product photography photoshoot behind scenes you will see product photography lighting techniques for studio lighting. Ed uses Elinchrom mono heads for this watch product photography but any studio lights will work. Although this was shot at In Color Studios in Las Vegas you will see that you don't need very much space so you could create this product photography at home. Product Photography Tutorial.

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When taking product photos its important to build the lighting setup bit by bit so you can see how the light is interacting with the product. Ed walks you through each studio lighting decision to give you a real photography BTS.

In this photoshoot behind scenes watch Ed as he walks you through the entire product photography setup and gives you lots of product photography tips. Product Photography tutorial.

Watch as Ed Gregory shows you how to shoot commercial Product Photography tutorial correctly while eliminating the need for editing.

Watch Giveaway at 3,000 Likes
In this product photography photoshoot behind scenes you will see product photography lighting techniques for studio lighting. Ed uses Elinchrom mono heads for this watch product photography but any studio lights will work. Although this was shot at In Color Studios in Las Vegas you will see that you don't need very much space so you could create this product photography at home. Product Photography Tutorial.

The Watches -

When taking product photos its important to build the lighting setup bit by bit so you can see how the light is interacting with the product. Ed walks you through each studio lighting decision to give you a real photography BTS.

In this photoshoot behind scenes watch Ed as he walks you through the entire product photography setup and gives you lots of product photography tips. Product Photography tutorial.


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Commercial Product Photography Studio - Perth Product Photography
12 Views · 5 years ago

Commercial product photographer Matt Reed talks about what makes a great photo, how powerful it can be for you marketing and why we do what we do. Matt also shares how he got into product photography and what services Perth Product Photography provides to clients around Australia.

Perth Product Photography is a commercial photography studio based in sunny Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia.

Every product has a story to tell about its origin, its quality, and its craftsmanship. Our photos will help you tell that story. At Perth Product Photography we obsess over the smallest details. Our obsession with perfection is just part of the way we do things here — because we see the results that come from this approach time and time again.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of people who have extensive business backgrounds — not just artistic flair — so we understand what it takes to make your business successful.



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Tricks Advertisers Use To Make Food Look Delicious! DIY Food Photo Hacks and More by Blossom
20 Views · 5 years ago

Ever thought how food advertisements make you drool over them?
Well, we have revealed the tricks!

Blossom presents super cool diy videos which you can create at home. Simple, quick and fun DIY arts and crafts which can be done at home! So what are you waiting for? Try them now!

Blossom brings you Fun craft and DIY projects to complete with your little one. Enjoy our collection of fun and easy DIY tutorials! Our easy-to-follow, wonderfully edited videos show you make these easy DIY's and hacks with ease. Thanks for watching, and subscribe today!

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Advertising Photography; Shooting to a Layout: OnSet with Daniel Norton
10 Views · 5 years ago

Learn How to Read and Execute an Advertising Layout

Having a great eye and technical skills are only part of the equation when working in the demanding world of advertising. Having the ability to interpret the concept of the agency, plan the shoot and execute it, is what will not only launch your business, but keep you working.

Join Daniel Norton OnSet as he walks you through an imaginary advertising job from equipment and talent selection to lighting and shooting the actual images.


Daniel Norton is a Photographer, Creative Director and Educator with 15+ years in the advertising and editorial markets. Daniel also produces and hosts FREE weekly trainings for Adorama and on his Youtube channel as well as the Adorama TV series On Set with Daniel Norton

How to become a Commercial Photographer (Part 1 - Portfolio)
5 Views · 5 years ago

How to become a Commercial Photographer (Part 1 - Portfolio)

Commercial Photography Techniques: Tips by Joey Lawrence
12 Views · 5 years ago
Joey Lawrence, only 20 years old, is one of the most sought-after commercial photographers in the business. While Joey's commercial work consists of advertisements and work for movies, television, and musicians, his personal work focuses on fine art portraiture around the world. Today, he talks with Marc Silber about techniques for both beginning and established photographers alike

One distinct quality in Joey's photos is the clear emotional connection between subject and photographer. Joey concentrates on interacting with the subjects beforehand to make them more comfortable. Often, they are not accustomed to working with cameras, so Joey will spend a day just getting to know them and their culture. He describes these images as collaborations with the subjects, which result in much more powerful photos.

A Silber Studios Production


How to get your first commercial photography client: tip for newcomers
10 Views · 5 years ago

For photographers that are entering the market of commercial studio photography and seeking for clients.
More tip for newcomers:

See why your strategy of selling photography services may not work - and what to do to change it to a better.

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How I Price My Commercial Photo Shoots | Daily Creative
11 Views · 5 years ago

Katie wants to know if she should offer pricing packages for her commercial photography. The answer is HELL TO THE NO (and I give some suggestions on how she should think about pricing). Remember to value the creative power your bring to the table because how can they value it, unless you do?

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CreativeLive is an online creative education platform that empowers creators with powerful new skills from visionary instructors. Millions of students, professionals and artists from around the world have consumed over 2 billion minutes of inspirational education from CreativeLive.

You'll find classes on photography, design, music production, crafting, freelancing and entrepreneurship, taught by the world's leading experts. You can watch 1500+ creative classes, live or on-demand, 24/7.

Making Real Money:  The Business of Commercial Photography
13 Views · 5 years ago

More info at

Making Real Money is a photography tutorial unlike anything we have ever released. Hosted by Monte Isom, a New York City based advertising and commercial photographer, Making Real Money focuses on how to land big paying jobs and how to maximize your profits.

This 14+ hour long tutorial covers everything from winning bids, creating invoices, doing taxes, negotiating with clients, writing estimates, copyrighting your work, making money off infringements, marketing your work to the right people, and understanding how to budget for photoshoots costing upwards of $100,000.

If you are a proficient photographer who is already making amazing images, but you do not have the clients and business you would like, this tutorial will be the best investment you will ever make in your photography career.